Based out of Centennial Colorado, Hannah Blanchsky is emerging as one of the next top teen writers. At nineteen, she has published several short stories and has been celebrated internationally for her work.

She is also an aerospace engineering major currently enrolled at CU Boulder. As a proud Buff, she has worked with McLeod Labs and Colorado Space Grant Consortium to develop a cortisol-based wearable sensor for astronauts, researched and designed a Balloon Satellite designed to measure and test the properties of the Earth's magnetosphere, and built a supportive and fun community among her peers in the Honors Engineering dorm.

Her proudest achievements, however, are her amazing friends and family, who have shown her love and support throughout her life. It is her hope to preserve them all in her writing as well as leave an inspiring legacy for others to follow.

Special Thanks

Shout out to my amazing parents, Gorgeous and Groucho, who continue to inspire and encourage me to live the best life possible. Also thank you to my twin brother, who keeps me laughing and humble, and my wonderful family, who have been wonderfully supportive for the past seventeen years.

I would also like to thank the kiddos in Andrews Hall, who will always be my favorite cast of characters, and to my teachers, who have kept me from totally butchering my writing and who have shown me wisdom and kindness I will forever cherish.

But most of all, thank you to my "frands", who are more fantastic, supportive, and loving than I deserve. Without them, none of this would be possible. 

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