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What's Next?

Currently, Hannah is going to work on establishing the foundation for her author career and surviving the last few years of high school. It is her hope to release a short story collection, although when that will happen has yet to be determined. 

In regards to Faultlines, Hannah is currently planning no sequels, prequels, analyses, movies, or other projects for the near future. She may release a few more snippets depending on the popularity of her book, although at this point, anything is possible. 

How can I buy Faultlines?

How can I buy Faultlines?

There are currently three options available for Faultlines:



There are perks to each outlet, including varying prices, shipping time, and personalization (if you want a signature or not). Currently, there is no audiobook available for readers, although if someone could hire the talented Morgan Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch to narrate it, I would be very impressed. 

Can I get a hardcover?

Can I get a hardcover?

Unfortunately, Amazon's Createspace has yet to include a hardcover option for its books, which means as of March 2018, no hardcover edition will be available for purchase. 

Will Faultlines be sold in stores?

Will Faultlines be sold in stores?

Several independent bookstores offer the opportunity to sell self-published books for a small commission. There is a bit of a process that goes into it, but I will try to announce all the upcoming sales on my Facebook page. 

Understanding prices

Understanding prices

One of the hardest decisions I have to make as a writer is how much I want to get paid for my work. There's a lot that goes into it, but my final goal is fairly simple; I want to get the book to you, the reader, with as little pain as possible. 


With that being said, the differing prices can be a little confusing.  Basically, manufacturing, processing, and shipping costs add up to about $16 per book. Add that to the price of paying for an ISBN, setting up a website, hours logged, tears shed, the editing process, and proofing, the cost for Faultlines exceeds $600. While every penny is worth it, it does play a large factor into how much I charge for a book.


I included a student rate because I understand that as a student, buying a book is an understated luxury. The other rates are more due to royalty payments, manufacturing costs, shipping, and other factors; if you'd like more information, feel free to contact me and I'll explain it as best as I can. 

How can my book club use Faultlines?

How can my book club use Faultlines?

There's a lot that happens within Faultlines, much of which makes for a good discussion. Some questions you can raise/consider while discussing this book include:


  • What makes people 'good'? 

  • Should we allow our past to control our future? Why or why not?

  • How does the idea of family shape Faultlines

  • How do we recover from tragedy?

  • What are some right ways to face grief? What are some wrong ways?

  • What is the importance of loyalty? Of friendship?

  • How does death shape life? 

  • What does true courage look like?


If you want to learn more about my process or get to know more about why Faultlines is the way it is, feel free to contact me on my About page. 

Why is there a soundtrack?

Why is there a soundtrack?

As an avid fan of music, it would be impossible not to include a soundtrack with my book. Of course, it's impossible for me to play it in the same way that they do for movies and TV shows, but I think it adds an extra layer to Faultlines.


Most of the songs in the playlist are ones I listened to while actually writing the book, and that helped inspire me to further the plot. For example, I wrote the climax of the book to Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 10 on repeat. 


The soundtrack isn't by any means obligatory - it's just a fun feature that I added for those that enjoy reading with some background tunes. 

Why won't this website work on mobile?

Why won't this work on mobile?

Wix is by far my favorite website-building-website, but it still comes with a lot of special quirks. One of them is that the mobile view is finicky at best, making it difficult to fully experience the website. Although I'm doing my best to make it easier, there will always be a few kinks I can't work out. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

When will my book come?

When will my book come?

If you order it from the author:


It takes 5-8 business days for each shipment of books to come, then another 5-8 to ship it to you. In order to better keep track of orders, and to make it easier on myself, I will be sending out books once a week. 


If you order it from Amazon:


It depends on how you order it. There are special rates for Amazon, and other deals, promotions, etc. If you choose to order from the Amazon page, I am not responsible for when or how you receive your book. 

Liabilities and Obligations

Liability Info

As the saying goes, stuff happens. With that being said, I can't guarantee refunds, discounts, or exchanges at any time for any of my purchases. If you have an issue receiving your product, please contact me at

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