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Memento Mori
Little Tokyo Writing Contest (2015)
Steampunk Writing Contest (2014)
Oxford Anthology (2017)
Bemis Library Anthology (2013)
DPS Writing Contest (2012)
1250+ Likes on YouTube Fiction
2500+ views on Wattpad

The above honors are only a small sample of the dozens of accolades and commendations I have received over the years. Many of the best are impossible to put into words but will continue to humble and inspire me as I continue my writing career.

The highest honor I have received thus far, however, can't be written on a sheet or presented at an assembly. So for my friends, family, and fans, I want to thank you humbly and from the bottom of my heart, for all of your love and support. Your kindness is the most generous gift I can imagine. 

Thank you. 


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